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Culinary Arts
Instructor: Mr. Luna   
Welcome to the Granada Hills Charter High School Culinary Arts program! 


Here students and interested parties will be able to keep up with what's cooking in the culinary arts program on campus. From class announcements, assignments, upcoming changes or even the occasional original recipe, anyone interested will be able to check back here regularly to be able to communicate and participate throughout the course.

The new culinary arts program is not just another "cooking class". In addition to creating delicious gourmet disshes,  this course aims to introduce students to:

* food health and safety industry standards

* core business administration principles

* access to higher learning and professional networks

* access to state of the art equipment, and professional grade, cutting edge food preparation techniques.

So, we invite everyone interested to come and enjoy this supplemental information found on these pages, as they will help the students, parents and others interested, to nourish not only their body but their mind as well.

Thank you.


Web Pages
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Food Safety
To take a quiz, you must be logged in and a member of the class.
Web site for Chef Jackets is up

Hello class!

Life is good!

The website where you will purchase your chef wear is:

please register

Please purchase:

Checkered chef pants

White chef hat and jacket

School colored scarf

*must include school logo AND name*


Please get all proper chef wear. If you are not able to purchase everything, get the chef jacket and we will work to purchase the rest.

Please review the chef uniform contract with your parent/guardian and sign.


Sample Announcement!
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Discussion Topics
Please read. and check in every week.
 Food Truck Project
What you need to know
 Per 1
HW & Class notes
 Per 2
HW & Class work
 Per 3 and 4
HW and Notes
 Per 5
HW & class work
 Per 6
HW & Class work
Make a short timeline pics of you or your group making the pumpkin pie
 5 mother sauce.ppt
Learn this too
 chapter 6.PDF
Chapter 6
Sensory Perception
Please cut the recipes in half.
And no nuts.
Life is Good and Share your cookies!
 handwashing rubric.xlt
Hand Washing rubric
 Lava Lamp Heat Transfer.doc
Home work due 10/27 2014
spices & herbs
Spices & Hebs
Spices & Herbs
Spices & Herbs
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